How lonely are you? 

How lonely are you?

How lonely you must be to reach out to me,
the one you haven’t spoke to in months,
the one you claimed to have hurt you and damaged your heart…

Oh how lonely you must feel.
Living in a different city nowhere near where you want to be.

You said you have someone to hold at night,
someone that loves you and gets who you are
yet, here you are talking to me,
reaching for my hand and saying you miss me.

You say that you miss us,
that you miss who we use to be,
well we will never be those two so get over it.

How lonely you must feel,
wanting to feel again the love I once offered you.
But you rejected it
and I tried and tried and failed each time.
Still I was always there, you never were.

I’m sorry you feel this way,
but we’re not friends,
we’re nothing.

How lonely you must feel
to reach out to stranger
just to feel like you’re not alone on this rainy monday night.


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