There Will Never Be A Right Time

I’ve been away for a while now, life’s just being confusing and messy these past months. I graduated last december and ever since I’ve been looking for a job. I’ve applied to countless positions, sent dozens of emails, talked to people, went to interviews and yet, here I am still unemployed and feeling miserable.

I don’t think anyone likes rejection and being rejected over and over again during the last 5 months has taken a toll on me. Sometimes I don’t care but some days I feel miserable and like a failure. All my life I’ve followed a path that was kind of already laid down for me, I always top of my class, got the best grades, had jobs and internships, balanced life, school and a job… the perfect girl you could say. And now, nothing.

Depression has being a constant the last months and I haven’t being feeling inspired or motivated, I’ve lost all energy and feel sad very often. But I’ve kept writing, every once in a while I would write my feelings in a notebook or on a note on my phone. It has helped me cope with this whole process of trying to find out who I am and what I want, and dealing with the constant rejection.

The truth is the more I think about it I don’t see myself working in an office, doing a 9 to 5 job and sitting on a desk all day… that’s just not me. So what should I do? Start my own business? Probably. When? Well, I guess now.

There will never be a right time to start, to be ready. So I might as well just do it.

In the meantime I’ve decided I’ll post here more often; it’ll be a little more personal, sharing stories and thoughts.





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