Summer Roadtrip: Sierra Gorda & Huasteca Potosina, Part 1

The final part of my summer roadtrip (and my favorite) is finally here! It´s going to be really long so please bare with me.

We wanted to do something different and new, go somewhere that most people don´t get to see and enjoy a little bit of nature. So we decided to visit the Sierra Gorda and Huasteca Potosina. Here’s a little map so you understand where in Mexico we went.

Resultado de imagen para sierra gorda queretaro mapa

We had about a week to visit and wanted to see the best of the region, it was the first time we were visiting so we decided to book a tour with Sierra Gorda Ecotours. It was the best choice! We had great accommodation, amazing food, we got to see the local way of life, and the nature was beyond perfect.

Our tour guide, David, was so nice and flexible with times and places we wanted to visit. We were 3 girls and he was so respectful and polite. I highly recommend booking with that company.


Tour we booked: Lo Mejor de la Sierra Gorda

We took a bus from Queretaro to Pinal de Amoles. The road is long and if you hate curves I advise you to take some pills with you cause the road will take you through the mountains, higher and higher. But holy shit, you guys what a view!!! It’s all worth it. At some point we got to see an eagle flying just beside our window, it was incredible.

In Pinal de Amoles, our guide picked us up and drove us to our first stop: Mirador Cuatro Palos. We hiked for maybe 30 minutes, walking through the forest, until we arrived to one of my favorite views on earth.


After that we were a little (very) hungry so we went to a local restaurant with homemade food…best. food. ever. I’m not lying.
The best part? It’s all included in the tour so we didn’t have to worry about anything else besides enjoying.


After that we went to Puente de Dios. This was not on the itinerary but we begged David to take us and he agreed.

You better get some sneakers you can get wet for this place. I didn’t bring any shoes so I wore flipflops, DO NOT BE LIKE ME!


We literally walked through the river until we arrived to a formation of rocks that forms a bridge. Incredible and adventurous experience. You can get in the river and swim so maybe bring a swimsuit and be careful with your bags! There are waterfalls, manatials, and strong currents every now and then.


We then visited El Chuveje, a beautiful waterfall surrounded by a forest. You can also swim here and the water is so clean!

We then got some dinner and headed to the ecological cabañas where we spent the night. The cabañas are really clean and nice, super comfortable beds to get a much needed rest.

To be continued…







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