Summer Roadtrip: Guanajuato

While we were in León we decided to make a day trip to one of my favorite cities in México: Guanajuato! I never get tired of this beautiful city, its architecture, the cultural and historic legacy everywhere you go and amazing food.


First we walked around town and went to the University, a must when you visit the city.


We later visited the Teatro Juárez, it’s the main theatre in the city and an emblematic architecture building. If you have the chance to in you have to do it, and don’t miss the opportunity to go with a guide that will explain the history behind every little detail of decoration and construction of the theater, you just have to tip him at the end.





We then met a group of friends and spent some time hanging out with them.

We decided that it was time to eat so we headed to the best place to eat… the market! The outside of the market is beautiful but once inside you find colorful stands with fruit, vegetables, and all kinds of prepared mexican food like tacos, tostadas, guisados, etc.


After eating we took a walk to the Pipila lookout. I recommend to take the cable car to the top unless you are in great shape and don’t mind a steep climb. Let me tell you that halfway there I had to stop and recover for a couple of minutes. No matter what way you choose the view is definitely worthy and great to see the entire city and its colorful buildings.


After that we just walked more around the city and went to a “Callejoneada”, during which local musicians dress up in traditional 17th century costumes make their way through the cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways of Guanajuato while playing music, singing popular folk songs, telling stories and telling local legends. No photos of that since I had no battery left, but definitely a great way to end the day before making our way back to León.

Have you being to Guanajuato? What are the things you recommend visiting?




2 thoughts on “Summer Roadtrip: Guanajuato

  1. Me encanta la foto que tomaste con la mujer vendiendo o comprando frutas en el mercado- I like your picture that has the woman in selling or buying fruits in the market 🙂

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