Summer Roadtrip: San Miguel de Allende

The past month was a little hectic, I did a little roadtrip through central México with two of my friends. We had such an amazing time! We visited so many beautiful places, ate delicious food and spent some quality time together.

One of my friends lives in Mexico City, so I don’t see her very often; and my other friend is from the Netherlands so it was really nice to see her again. The three of us met while studying abroad in Prague last year and we got to travel together during the summer, so it was nice to repeat it this year in Mexico.

Ana and Anne, (yes I know, I know) started the trip in Mexico City without me because I was busy that first week. Then we met in Queretaro for a few hours to have lunch and start our trip together.


We spent our first day in San Miguel walking around the city center.


At night we went to one of my favorite spots in town, Clandestino Hotel. It has the prettiest rooftop bar and it’s not as expensive as other bars in San Miguel. This hotel is seriously so pretty, I highly recommend staying there and/or going for drinks.


The second day was a busy one. We went to a hotel inauguration and then to a little vineyard, picked some grapes and the did some grape stomping. We partied all day and by the time we went back to bed we were exhausted but happy.


The next day we went for breakfast and walked some more around town, then in the afternoon we took a bus and arrived to León.

To be continued…

Have you been in San Miguel? What are your favorite spots there?



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