Empty Seats

About a year ago you broke my heart, but I didn’t realize it until it was too late.


I kept chasing after you like my life depended on it.
You never said you loved me, but you said you cared and at the time it was enough for me to stay. I didn’t know better, so I fell in love with someone who was afraid to feel and to love to point of no return. Sometimes I felt crazy but you always reassured me with what I needed to hear, I even began to think you really loved me but were too afraid to accept it.
You left early in the morning so we stayed up all night, talking and kissing. All your friends went to the soccer game but you chose me instead, and in that moment, I swear, I just wanted you to stay.
We cried all the way to the airport and when it was time for you to board your flight I felt my heart sink to the ground. Everyone was looking but we didn’t care, we hold on to each other while I hid my face on your shoulder.
We hugged and kissed, promised to see each other again. But deep down I knew that this was the last time, you didn’t let me go and that broke my heart even more. I knew you had to leave, that this wonderful adventure had to end so I let go of your hand. Everything felt like a movie. I walked away, not looking back cause I knew everything had come to an end.
I remember crying all the way back home, shaking from the cold and the pain. I couldn’t sleep for the first couple weeks and cried every time I walked by our favorite spots in town.
I still remember your smile, the way your lips tasted and the way you smelled after a shower. I wonder if you ever think about me, about what we used to be. I wonder if sometimes, at night, you wish I was by your side. Have you been with another girl? Was it all just a game? Did you ever loved me or did you really just “cared”?
And that’s when I realized you broke my heart the day you left.

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