Summer is upon us

Summer is upon us. This is my last summer as a college student so I plan to enjoy every second of it. At first I wanted to take some classes in order have less classes my last semester but the classes I wanted to take were not available for summer sessions, so I decided to do nothing. Soon I realized this was not an option, it´s been 2 weeks since I don’t have classes and I’m bored to death. *insert clip of Blink 182 song “Bored To Death” here*

Fast forward to last night, 2am, I couldn’t sleep and I thought: “Maybe I should be productive and put myself to work”. So that’s what I’m doing. I set 4 goals to achieve this summer and here they are:

  1. Workout more. I talked about this on my last post, I haven’t worked out in ages but working out is healthy and helps me relieve stress which means sleeping better, and who doesn’t like to sleep? So I´ll be working out everyday, little workouts or full workouts, depending on my mood and I´ll let you know how that goes.
  2. Form a habit. Since I’m an incredibly messy and distracted person, I thought becoming more organized would be something good. I´m talking having an organized bedroom and closet, actually doing things I said, getting to appointments in time…all of that. Starting with a decluttering process of all things I own. I think this will be the hardest one to achieve, so wish me luck.
  3. Write more. I love writing, but I’m incredibly lazy. This is why, I´ll be writing (and posting it here, of course), 2-3 times a week about random stuff.
  4. Design more. Graphic design is one of the things I´ve always liked doing so I’m going to be doing more of it during the summer, learning new tools and just getting hands on. I´m already working on a new planner (!!) and have so many ideas of things I want to share with you like printables, quotes, etc. So let me know if you want something in specific!

Four goals. Two and half months of summer. Let’s see how it goes.

Do you have plans for the summer? Let me know!!

I want to get get to know all of you so don´t hesitate in leaving a comment reaching out on any of my social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat! My username in all of them is itsmary_e. And you can find me on Tumblr here.





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