bye bye 2015


It’s the first days of 2016… Happy New Year!!

Before I say “hi” to 2016 I would like to reflect a little bit about 2015, because that was hell of a year!

First of all I started off by going on one of the most amazing adventure ever, a semester abroad in Prague and then backpacked Europe during the summer.  I had the best time there, met a lot of people, made friends for life, travelled like crazy, learnt about myself, got in love for the first time and then had my heart broken (boo!), got more confident, tried amazing food, got lost in strange cities, missed buses, got drunk, danced, drank more beer, ate my weight in chocolate, lived alone for the first time, got stranded on a foreign city, my bank account hit the $0.00 when it couldn’t be worse, discovered many cool things about life and myself… Then I came back home to face the cruel reality of actually having to go to school and study again, hardest semester ever and it also sucked but it made me more aware of what I wanted to do and appreciate what I did and learnt while I was abroad.

I talk a lot about learning but I never tell you what I learnt, I will tell you 15 things I learnt in 2015 right now…

  1. Be present
  2. Nothing lasts forever
  3. Be glad because it happened
  4. Learn from everything
  5. Invest in experiences. That can be travel, an afternoon with a loved one, trying new food, reading a new book, etc.
  6. Say yes to adventures
  7. Be yourself
  8. Be confident
  9. You learn more from experience than from the books, but also hit the books!!
  10. Listen to people’s stories
  11. Be polite. Always
  12. Given the chance always fall in love!
  13. It’s ok to be scared of the unknown, but don’t let fear stop you
  14. Be in touch with nature
  15. When you’re facing a problem, be calm. Don’t worry too much because you messed up, you can always fix it.

Bonus: Material things can be replaced, money will be spent and maybe disappear, but true memories and feelings will last forever. Hold on to those.

Have a great year!!




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