A week ago I packed my bags and hopped on a plane to visit my best friend in Monterrey, Mexico. The plan? Spending quality time with my favorite person in the world, celebrating my 23th birthday and attending a music festival.

I flew early in the morning but it was worth it, I was greeted by a pretty cool view.

Fun fact about me: I always choose a window seat!


After reunited with Melani we headed to have breakfast in a really cool place called Trece Lunas.

Best. Chilaquiles. Ever.

Trece Lunas has amazing prices, delicious food and awesome decor. The whole place is covered in other people’s writing, even the furniture! A new favorite of mine for sure.

That night we went to a small, all girls Christmas party where we ate a lot of food, lit up some sparklers and attempted to recreate the Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock” dance.

I stayed at Melani´s apartment and she has the best view ever!



Above you can see the Cerro de la Silla, Monterrey´s main symbol and it can be seen from almost any place in the city.

The next days consisted of me trying to not get a cold and partying, not a good combination.

Fast forward to the night before my birthday. We went to a carne asada (a barbecue) and then clubbing. Here´s a really really blurry picture of the night.


The next day we went to the music festival: Liveout. It was the first edition of the festival but it had a good line up and good organization.

We spent the whole day there. A list of the bands we watched:

  • MOTHXR – They were so cool live! I knew like one song but it was dream come true seeing Penn Badgley live and so close, I´ve had a crush on him since the Gossip Girl days!!
  • Say Lou Lou – This twin sisters are perfect! Their energy and chemistry is contagious, they looked gorgeous and sounded amazing. They were my main reason for attending the festival and they delivered.
  • Ryn Weaver – I wanna be best friends with this girl! She had so much energy on stage that was unbelievable, I wasn’t so much of a fan but now I’m hooked.
  • Saint Motel – Honestly I had never heard of them before and after the high energy of Ryn´s set I wasn’t expecting a lot of this band but holy shit I was so wrong!! They were awesome and they had an incredible amount of energy that drove the crowd crazy. Huge fan of them!
  • We were pretty tired at this point so we took a break to eat and walk around the festival. We heard Miami Horrors from the food area and got back just in time to hear Cool Kids by Echosmith. We then headed to the stage where The Strokes were going to play and heard Gorgon City´s set from a far. Everyone sounded great.
  • Run the Jewels – They played before The Strokes and I guess they were good, but rap and hip hop had never been my kinda music. There were pretty nasty people in the crowd and it ended up being a traumatic experience (I’m being super dramatic btw) It was fun because funny things happened but I didn’t like them.
  • Zoé – They are a mexican band, everyone (not me) likes them and they are good live but for me it was just like whatever.
  • The Strokes – Everyone started to gather for them and there were a lot of people. The moment they hit the stage the crowd exploded singing along to every song, dancing and jumping.

The reason why I love live music/concerts is because of the electricity you feel on your skin, the magic of people singing along to that one song, just living in the moment and creating memories with a soundtrack that will last forever. Liveout was all that.



I’m not one to take lots of photos and videos at concerts, I actually hate it so I’m afraid this is all I have. I did snapchat some stuff, but that was all. (Add me on Snapchat: itsmary_e)

The next two days were all about being a tourist in Monterrey.

This is a waterfall called Cola de Caballo.










Next the city center, Santa Lucía riverwalk and Fundidora Park.





















My trip to Monterrey was amazing and spending time with my best friend is always so precious to me, since we live so far away from each other. I’m incredibly thankful to her and all of the people I got to see and meet!

Here’s to another year full of adventures!!





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