January – July 2016 Planner

If you were reading me this time last year you know that I was looking all over Pinterest for printables and inspiration in order to make a planner that adjusted to my needs. I found some really cool stuff and put together a very useful planner for 2015 and I shared it with all of you on my blog. I’m very picky when it comes to planning and while I was using my planner I detected some stuff that I didn’t like or that wasn’t necessary for me and my lifestyle. So I went back to Pinterest. Again I found some really cool stuff but nothing was quite what I wanted, so I thought buying a whole agenda but there was always something that would make me think “That´s so cool but I´ll never use it”.

I went back and forth for a couple of weeks thinking about my 2016 planner. I’m an overthinker so these was a nightmare. One thought kept popping into my head almost too often – a lot of my friends when they saw my planner would ask me if I made it all by myself and I would answer that it was a mix of my work/design and other people´s – should I make my own planner? Like from scratch? I decided to watch some youtube tutorials, read some stuff online and just went for it.

So after a month of work, I finally put together my planner for January – July 2016. Here it is!

planner 16


This are the extras I put on my planner: contact info, dates to remember and 2016 goals.

The month at a glance spread in two pages with a little notes section.

The week at a glance layout works best for me. I added a little space for random stuff, notes and things to get done that week.

And those are the designs I´m putting at the beginning of every month.

A must in a planner for me is a Notes section


So that’s pretty much it. I´m really proud of this and I want to share it with all of you!! I made this planner with margins so that you could print it and then just put it in your binder or bind it, and the size is A5.

So if you want to print it just click here and get downloading!!

I´m also available for personalized planners in order to make it more YOU! So just leave me a comment or  send me an email if you want to make some modifications. Feedback it’s always very appreciated! And please give me credit if you decide to share it with your friends!

Have a great week.




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