A glimpse of Prague


It seems like just a couple of days ago I was in my room packing and freaking out because I was leaving for my semester abroad in Prague, but now I realise it´s already been a week since I´m here in Prague!!

This past week has been a little crazy: czech language it´s so different and so hard that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it; my dorm is a little old but it´s clean and it´s kinda cozy so I’m not complaining; I didn’t have internet connection for a while; for the first time I´ve gone to the supermarket and cooked for myself and honestly I loved it; I´ve met so many cool people from different parts of the world; I’ve fallen in love with the beauty and magic of this city; I’ve partied and drank beer like never in my life; but the most important I´ve learn more about myself (which is the whole point of this experience, even if sometimes I forget it).

I arrived last Wednesday at night, my “buddy” picked me up at the airport and helped me to get settled in. The next morning she took me to the city centre and I absolutely loved it, even if it was just a little glimpse of it. That afternoon I met a guy from the US and we had dinner, and then he introduced me to his roommate, who´s spanish, and he introduced us to his friends from Spain as well. We hung out with them thursday, friday and saturday. On friday I also met a bunch of people from other countries like France, Germany, Australia, US, Austria, China and many more. On saturday morning the spanish guys, a peruvian guy and me took a tour of the city center and seriously I just love it so much here!!

Expect more detail posts about this weeks adventures! I’m really hungry so I´ll just leave you some photos of my first days here in Prague.
















I´ll talk to you soon!!




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