Only three days left for getting into a plane and leaving to a foreign country where I don’t know anyone, or anything. Only three days until I make my first international travel all by myself, crossing an entire ocean and dozens of territories that are completely strange to me, only to arrive to a city that awaits me.

We don’t know each other. I´ve heard about Prague, but I doubt Prague has heard about me. A city full of history, magic and mystery; who looks like a city you see in fairy tales. The weather so different, the culture and the people so strange to me.  And who am I? Just a girl who wants to take over the world but it´s not quite sure of how to do it or, worse, who she is. Just a girl dreaming about seeing the world and finding herself in the process, with so many doubts but willing to take a leap of faith and embracing the adventure of what´s about to come.

Just four days, four days and I´ll be the new girl in town, the girl who doesn’t speak the language and whose curiosity is as big as her fears. Just four days and I´ll achieve a lifelong dream, the problem is I’m scared to death, scared to the point of crying. But also I can’t wait to live and to fail, to love, to forget, to create and to destroy, to learn, to dance and laugh, I can’t wait for the endless nights and the days you just want to get over, the new friends, the adventure, the joy and the sadness, to the rollercoaster that my life will be during the next six months.

The sadness and fear of leaving everything that I know, my family and friends, the safeness of my bed; but the rush of the unknown future that awaits me and promises to be amazing… Such a bittersweet feeling. Tears of joy and sadness at the same time, is it possible?

And even if I´m sad to leave, I´ll do it because otherwise I´ll never know, and I don’t wanna be left asking myself “what if?” for the rest of my days. It´s when we take that leap of faith, jumping into the uncertain, when we learn who we are.




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