2015 Printable Planner

I know it´s late january but I finally finished putting together my 2015 planner. It´s a mix of free printables I found on Pinterest and my basic knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop. I put this planner together thinking of my personal needs and the things that I like in planners, but if you like something specific or have any questions I´ll be really happy to help.

Without furthermore introductions I leave you here the previews and links so you can download and print the whole planner or just the bits you like, and let me know if you do!! Just click on the image and the download, or click on the link!

If found, please return to...
If found, please return to…
Year at a glance
Year at a glance
An example of how the month at a glance looks...
An example of how the month at a glance looks…
For the actual planning I chose the Passion Planner template ...
For the actual planning I chose the Passion Planner template …

Here you can download each month:

January – February – March –  April – May – June  July – August – September – October – November – December

Now for the notes …


For writing the actual notes I just downloaded some graphed and notebook styled pages, you can download my combination of them here: Simple Notes. I also made a notes section with a cute page I found and you can download it here: Cute Notes.

Some extras I added to my planner are…

Birthday calendar
Birthday calendar
Class schedule
Class schedule

And some images to mix up in between pages, like personal photos and quotes I find inspiring… Honestly that´s up to you but if you want me to upload the ones I’m using please let me know.

If you want to download the whole thing is here.

And remember to never plan to much, because…

over-planning-kills-magic-danielle-laporte-quote-139363-690x690I hope you find this useful and/or inspiring! Please let me know what do you think and if you need anything do not doubt on contacting me.




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