18 days left…


I know I haven’t post in ages but I’ve been getting ready for my semester abroad in Prague so I´ve been a little busy, I´m also a big procrastinator so yeah you know where this is going.

Since I last talked to you I have managed to finish making my own 2015 planner! I’m sharing it with you in another post coming next week, so keep an eye on the blog. Also I’m making lots of packing lists (How am I supposed to pack my entire life in a suitcase!? ) But I think I’m getting there. The holidays were great and I had a lot of fun in Mexico City, spending time with the family and visiting the Soumaya museum; I came back home and I´ve been getting ready for Prague´s cold weather with some shopping and I´ve been out and about fixing some last-minute details with my home university.

There are only 18 days left for Prague and I couldn’t be more excited!!

Do you have any tips for studying abroad? What about packing for six months?

Have a great weekend




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