International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014 @ León, Gto, México

Last weekend one of the biggest events in León, the city where I live, took place: the International Hot Air Balloon Festival.


There are no words to describe how much I enjoy this event, it´s beautiful! Some locals don’t fancy it too much because there´s so much chaos in the city but I couldn’t care less. You can enjoy seeing hundreds of hot air balloons fill the sky early in the morning and then see them light up at night. And if you want to get up close and personal you can go to “Parque Metropolitano”, where all the hot air balloons are and actually see them take off. You have to wake up very early but it´s totally worth it, if you’re not an early bird you can attend one of the “Noches Mágicas” or Magic Nights and watch the balloons light up to the rhythm of music, enjoy a live concert and enjoy a beautiful scenery as thousands of cantoya balloons light up the sky.

DSC_1315 - copia

DSC_1323 - copia

DSC_1248 - copia

DSC_1240 - copia

DSC_1232 - copia

DSC_1205 - copia

DSC_1209 - copia

DSC_1214 - copia

DSC_1178 - copia

DSC_1181 - copia

DSC_1146 - copia

DSC_1144 - copia

DSC_1150 - copia

DSC_1155 - copia

DSC_1130 - copia

DSC_1127 - copia

DSC_1121 - copia

DSC_1134 - copia

DSC_1112 - copia


DSC_1085 - copia

DSC_1094 - copia

This year my friend Melani came all the way from Monterrey along with 3 of her friends: Natalia, also from Monterrey and whom I have talked to but never met before; Chanel, an exchange student from Hong Kong; and Laura, an exchange student from Spain. They were the best company ever and I’m so happy I got to share those days with them.





The International Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place once a year during the month of November, it´s also a great time to visit the city! So if you’re planning to visit México during this month you can´t miss the event.

As you can notice I took way too many photos, this are just some of them and because I was the “photographer” I’m in like 4 pictures (the last ones) and that´s because someone else took them, I think that´s the only part I don’t like of taking photos.

Let me know if you want to see more photos or learn more about the festival! Have  a great weekend!




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