Second Chances

Today I got a call from someone I haven’t talked to in ages. Our relationship ended up a little dramatically last march and when I tried to fix things he wouldn’t answer me, so I moved on.

Now, after 6 months, when I´ve finally moved on and got over him, he calls me and says he wants to be friends again, that he misses me and that he´s sorry. I know him and I know that the fact that he´s calling me and saying all this things means a great deal to him, the thing is that he hurt me and broke my heart. While we were friends our relationship was kinda toxic for me; I tend to give a lot and sometimes people don´t put the same amount of effort in the relationship, this was the case for us but I felt like he cared very little. I know that he probably didn’t mean it, it´s just the way he is but it wasn’t good for me.

I loved him, I still do and his friendship means a lot to me. And even though I learnt to live without him, sometimes, I still miss him. He´s asking me for a second chance, but I’ve given so many chances in the past that I don’t know if this time it´ll be different. No one knows me like him, and no one knows him like I do. But, is it worth it? I´m confused, one part of me is like “yay! Let´s be friends forever!!” and the other is like “I´m not gonna be that stupid girl who comes back”.

What should I do? I guess I´ll just got to bed and see how I feel about the whole thing in the morning. Maybe I´ll give our friendship a second chance or maybe I won´t.




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