Corona Capital 2014

I’m so behind my posts! But this past week has been chaotic, I´ll tell you why in the next post so keep an eye on the blog. Anyways, let me tell you about my experience at the Corona Capital Music Fest.

The Corona Capital Music Fest is a music festival (duh!) that takes part every year in Mexico City, it happens in the middle of october in the Hermanos Rodriguez racetrack. A bunch of international artist come to play and thousands of people go and watch them at one of the 4 stages. Pretty much what a music festival is, I guess.

This year was my first time going to Corona Capital, or any music festival for the matter, and I loved it! It rained so much, the place was packed, there was mud everywhere, the bathrooms were disgusting, and the food and drinks expensive as hell but I LOVED IT!! I just love music, especially live music and the energy that the audience has it´s something that can only be experience in a concert.

I went with 3 of my friends: Melani, Zazil and Anna. Then, in Mexico City, we met my cousin and her friends. We stayed with them for the weekend and they were great hosts.

What bands did you see? You must be asking, well…

Day 1 was quite calm and there weren’t a lot of bands I wanted to see, then at night it rain soooo much and there was a thunderstorm so all the sets were delayed but since we were soaking wet we called it a night a little early than expected. That day we got to see: Jenny Lewis, Little Dragon and Zedd. Let me tell you that Zedd was epic, especially when he played Alive, originally by Empire of The Sun, and it was pouring rain; it was one of those moments when you kinda stop and realize what’s really happening and that that´s your life…I don’t know, it felt pretty great.

Day 2 was chaotic, there were so many people we wanted to see that we had to run from stage to stage in order to get to the next set. Add an insane amount of mud and you have a pretty dangerous situation, thank God no one fell! We were more prepared for the rain with a million raincoats and boots, no one was a victim of the rain that day. We got to see so people who I love that I still can’t believe it: Rixton, Sam Smith (who came out despite of the rain), Haim, Kasabian (we ended up there by accident but it was pretty cool, haha) and Lykke Li (she was the last set of the festival and we had so much fun, she´s amazing live). We also got to hear a little of Chvrches and Beck. The only person I regret not watching is Sky Ferreira but her set was at the same time as Haim and I LOVE Haim, so yeah.

People who have attended past editions of the festival say this year was the worst by far but it seemed pretty great to me  and I really want to see what´s going to be the lineup for next year´s edition.

No photos this time since there were no cameras allowed and the ones I took with my phone are pretty crappy. In case you were wondering, yes, I did got sick from the whole “dancing and singing in the rain while it´s cold and having no dry or warm clothes since I suck at packing” thing.

That´s it for now. Do you have any cool experiences at music festival? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know! Thanks for reading.




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