Change of plans

I am a firm believer in fate. Now, that being said I´d like to clarify that by saying that I also believe that you have to work for the things you want and that nothing is completely settled. A little bit of a contradiction, I know. What I’m trying to say is work as hard as you can and pursue your dreams but if somewhere along the way life starts getting a little “stubborn” then maybe it was not meant to be. I’m not saying to give up as soon as things get difficult, I´m saying that if you have done everything you could but all of this external factors that you can’t control keep getting in the way maybe life is telling you to stop and reconsider.

In my experience when things are meant to be they will happen easily and smoothly, you’ll have to prepare and work for it but there won’t be any drama. For example, for a long time it´s been a dream of mine to go and study abroad. I did the whole thing: studying hard in order to get a good GPA, talked to every authority I had to talk to (parents, teachers, counselor, etc) and did some research. But then things started to get complicated; when I went to the International Programs office at my university they told me that in order to apply to any program I needed to present (again) my TOEFL exam, the only problem was that the next date available would be after the first round for applying to the programs, being a firm believer in fate I thought “Hey, it´s okay the program I want to apply to in Amsterdam will still be there”, WRONG! Days went by and I nailed my TOEFL exam. The second and last round for applying was approaching fast and I hadn’t receive my grade, finally the last day to apply I received it and applied to 7 different programs that I liked: Prague, Cologne, Bremen and Barcelona being my top 4. They weren’t my first choices but I was happy. After a week of constantly checking my email and not receiving any answers I decided to get in touch with the IP office… None of my choices had accepted me in their programs. I was crushed! How did that happen!? I never got an explanation but I decided not to insist because since day one of starting the process there had been all this sings that were telling me “reconsider”. And so I did.

I talked to my parents, the conversation went something like this:

Parents: So, you wanted to go to study abroad for what?

Me: To study, to learn about new cultures and meet new people! And to travel of course!

Parents: Well… We know you wanted, for a few years now, to go backpacking through Europe. What if you plan this epic trip for the summer and we’ll help you with that.

Of course I said yes! I´ve been dreaming with that trip as long as I can remember!! So, now the plans have changed and I’m planning my epic trip for the summer and everything feels right and exciting.

Conclusion? Don’t be afraid of change and work hard but never ignore the little signs that fate is leaving you along the way.




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