A Thousand Miles

A true friend can be living a thousand miles away and maybe you’ll see each other every 3 or 6 months, but the relationship will stay the same. That´s the case of me and one of my best friends.

Melani and I met only for a semester before she went away to live in another city but we instantly clicked and since then we became inseparable. We see each other for a couple of days every one or two months when she comes to visit her family and it´s a tradition to go eat at some pretty place in order to say our goodbyes.




After a delicious lunch at Cafezzito we moved on to her apartment and met with another friend of ours and spent hours being silly, talking about life, taking selfies…

DSC_0722… and uploading them to Instagram.


DSC_0724They wanted to know who was more flexible

DSC_0727It´s clear who won.


We spent too much time outside and I took all the pictures I could.





DSC_0768And yes, in case you’re wondering that person with the white t-shirt in the far left is me failing at taking pictures with a timer.

The day was beautiful and totally forgot I had to go to class. Ok, maybe I didn’t forget but I just decided that quality time with your friends is worth more than an art class.


Did I mention that Sandy has one of the coolest tattoos ever?


Not only that but that day she was wearing the most amazing earrings! The sign of the Deathly Hallows. (Yes, I really like Harry Potter)


And Melani was wearing a beautiful dress – shirt … ?



Is there anything that says autumn more than a dark burgundy and a dark green color? The short answer is no.

Lucky for me Melani and I are going to meet soon for Corona Capital Music Festival in just two weeks.







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