Catching up…

This past days have been a little crazy. I quitted my job (which I totally hated) and I just started school this past monday. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much but now that I finally quitted my job, I have time to do more things that I like and work on projects that I’ve been putting aside.

But, what’s all this stuff you’re talking about? You might be wondering. Well, let me tell you a little about myself…

I’m  a full-time student. I’m starting my 3rd year in college and I´m very involved with the student group of my major: Marketing and Communications. We focus on different areas, like: tv, radio, marketing investigations, film, editorial, etc. I’m in charge of the editorial section and we have so many projects this semester! We do an entertainment magazine, a newspaper for the UN model that happens on campus, and a bunch of other things that keep adding to the list.  It´s really exciting but also kinda scary. But if that was not enough we’re planning a series of conferences related to this semester’s “theme”: film, it´ll happen next month so we´re kinda in a hurry… Oh, and I forgot to mention planning a school trip to Los Angeles for early november.

So add schoolwork to all of the above, and then mix it with 180 hours of social service and the fact that I write for a digital, soon to be printed, cultural magazine. My job is to go to different local cultural events and then write about it. It sounds kinda easy but going to the events, as much as I love it, take some of my precious time away.

I also have a social life, go to the gym every morning (and on Fridays to my beloved boxing lessons), keep up with the blog, sleep, eat, watch my favorite shows, read…

So yeah, that´s what´s up for this semester of my life. Thank God I quitted my job!

Plus, let me tell you a little secret, I’m planning my study abroad semester! I´m very excited about that and so so happy.

If anyone has any organizing tips or for studying abroad they are more than welcomed so let me know in the comments!




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