My Summer Favorites


Every once in a while I get obsessed with a few things in my wardrobe, a new lipstick or some new shoes I bought on sale, and this summer wasn’t the exception because let´s be honest, summer is a really fun time and anyone who says that they hate is probably lying.

So, without more to add here are my favorites for this season in the sun:

1. My American Eagle shorts. I own a fair amount of shorts but ever since I bought this ones early this spring I’ve been using them almost for everything. The reason is that they are slightly high-waisted, the color is perfect and they kinda look vintage to me.

DSC_0464 copia

DSC_0444 copia

Honestly, the only reason I bought this shorts are the buttons. I mean, look at them! How cool are they!?

2. Floral skort. The only thing better than shorts are skorts. You got the pretty looks of a skirt and the comfort of shorts, they’re perfect.

DSC_0465 copia

I love that it´s high waisted and the print is kinda romantic and classic, isn’t it?

I got mine from Stradivarius.

3. Black cropped muscle tank. I don’t know why I like this, I used to hate them but I bought some cute bralettes and I thought they would look good with a muscle tank and now I can´t stop wearing it. I don’t know, I´m just obsessed. This one is from Pull&Bear and it was on sale so it was like $100 pesos ($10 USD more or less).

DSC_0459 copia

 4. Nine West light brown high heels. I love shoes and this ones are just gorgeous and comfortable. Also they were really cheap. It was love at first sight.

DSC_0430 copia

DSC_0432 copia

5. Black Zara sneakers. Cute black leather sneakers on sale? Yes, please! I’ve been using them almost daily and I can tell you they are super comfortable and they go with everything I own. I´m in love.

DSC_0436 copia

6. Yves Rocher Summer Collection Bronzing Powder. If you read my past post you know I went to the beach recently, as a result I got a little tanned (thank God!), this meant that some of the makeup didn’t fit my skin tone. I refused to wear my pink blush, I wanted my skin to look like shimmery and glowy, sun-kissed like I still was at the beach and this bronzer does all that. Aaaand it´s natural so it´s healthy for your skin.

DSC_0432 (2) copia

7. Volume Vertige Lash Curler Effect Mascara. This was a surprise if I´m honest but I have sensible eyes and since I was shopping for makeup I thought “Why not get a new mascara?”, so I did. And it´s a pretty good one, it´s water base and it really gives volume to my eyelashes. And again it´s natural.

DSC_0434 (2) copia

8. Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren. It´s this beautiful creamy lipstick with a great name: Siren, which is a bright orange for us mortals. If I’m not wearing this I´m wearing chapstick, I carry it in my bag with me everywhere I go because the color it´s just so beautiful and summery.

DSC_0436 (2) copia

So that´s it. Those are my summer favorites for this year.

What are yours? Let me know in the comments.




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