Unexpected Summer Vacations


I just got back from the beach. I went to Puerto Vallarta, a beach a few hours away from where I leave. It was an unexpected trip, a friend invited me to her family´s house in the beach a day before they left and when she asked me if I wanted to join them of course I said yes!

We arrived late last Wednesday and stayed there until monday, I had the most amazing time. It was very relaxing. Our day would start around 10am, then we would hit the beach were we would spend the entire day reading, playing volleyball, swimming in the ocean, tanning and just talking about life. I swear we only left the beach when we were really hungry and then around 7pm we would leave for the house in order to get ready for dinner. But even after that, late at night, we would return and take long walks on the beach, we even saw a turtle laying eggs one night! It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Normally we stayed in for dinner, actually we only went out three times. The first night we went to an italian restaurant named “La Dolce Vita” they have a lot of pastas and normally I wouldn’t care since I’m allergic to gluten but THEY HAD GLUTEN FREE PASTA!! Of course I had a huge plate of pasta for dinner.

The second place we went to is called “La Leche“, the menu is updated daily and every single plate is delicious. We went there on our second night. They have everything: soup, pasta, meat, fish, chicken, duck, dessert… Everything! Plus the decoration is pretty awesome too. The best part was when I asked for a bottle of water…

Boxed water is better | #vscocam

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Yep, boxed water. How cool is that!? I fell in love with this place and definitely will be coming back.

The fourth day we decided to end our love affair with the beach a little earlier and went to the pier located in downtown Puerto Vallarta.


It was kinda cloudy but it was beautiful.

When I met you in the summer // #vscocam

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It actually saved us from getting more sunburned. We walked there for a bit until we got too hungry. We had dinner at a japanese restaurant, “Mikado“. It´s the japanese restaurant at the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa. I think I ate my weight in food, everything was yummy.

The days went by really fast and suddenly it was my last day at the beach, I was really sad but Mother Nature played nice and gave me a beautiful, sunny day.


During this trip I made many new friends and had so much fun, more than I´ve had in a while. This unexpected trip was just what I needed in my life and it definitely one that I´ll forever treasure in my heart and in my Top 10 Vacations.






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