This is how I love you

I love the smell of wet dirt, the crickets singing in the dark,
the way the grass moves when the wind blows,
the way the full moon lights up the water,
the colors in the sky when the sun is setting and breeze of chilly wind while I’m walking makes me feel alive.
I like the feeling of the moonlight in my face when I go to bed and the warm sunlight when I wake up.
Nothing makes me feel more like home than the feeling of clean sheets in my bed against my tired body after traveling and a homemade chicken soup.
I like talking, I love hearing, but I like being alone with my own thoughts;
getting lost in the infinity of possibilities, of ideas and moments that could’ve been but weren’t, the ones that were, are and will be.
I love seeing people smile when they’re walking down the street, babies playing and kids being kids.
I enjoy slow paced afternoons talking about everything and nothing at all, making people laugh, think and improve is a hobby of mine, and even if I never say it I really hate red wine.
I love the goosebumps I get when hearing a new song, people’s honesty and watching bad movies.
I like talking to myself and laughing at my own bad jokes.
I love the smell of fresh bread, the feeling of chocolate melting in your mouth, the bitterness of a beer passing through my throat and the way a good meal makes me dance of happiness.
I love love. I love simple. I love sweaters and cold weather.
I think everything can be pretty and good.
I cry with romantic movies and I love me a good mystery to solve.
I love shopping and I can be dramatic, I believe that everything can be solved with a little bit of talking.
I love sleeping until late in the morning and staying up at night. I love mid day naps and the smell of firewood just being lit.
I deeply enjoy the sound of the wind going through the trees’ leaves, almost like bells calling for the rain.
I love coffee and the sound rain makes when crashing against a window,
the reflection of water in a dark surface when the sun hits it,
and out of the blue late nights with friends that turn into mornings.
I like aerial views and going to new places. I love freedom and independence.
I love old buildings and taking photos, living in the moment and remembering the old days.
I love the feeling of air conditioning in a hot wet summer day, the gloomy look in the northern countries and a snow day.
I love what I want and I do what I do.
But over all things, I love YOU the most. It’s true.

My Trending Stories

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a really cool thing that’s happening in my life right now. It involves two of the things I love the most: writing and the internet.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a collaborator for a new website called My Trending Stories!! That’s right, I’ll be writing for MTS – where I just posted my first article so check it out, it’s about being away from the people you love and how I survive any kind of long distance relationship.

How exciting is that I’m doing it!? I’ll still be blogging from here, so don’t worry cause I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be posting 2 or 3 times a week, maybe more, on MTS so be sure to stayed tune to my twitter account, and to the blog, where I’ll share the posts.

I’ll be posting different content in here than on MTS, but occasionally I’ll post the same on both, so expect lots of writing!

I’m really happy about these and I’m looking forward to see where this takes me.

Thank you for reading me and I’ll talk to you soon!




When asked to describe myself I would say I’m a happy person. But lately I feel like I’m not myself. I don’t have motivation or energy to do anything, not even to do the things I like. It’s like being numb and tired all the time, and it sucks. I’ve been trying to think what might be causing this, and even though my depression and anxiety has some to do with it, it feels like something else is happening this time.

What has changed in my life in the last month?

Were those changes positive?

How am I feeling with all of that happening?

What about the people in my life?

I asked myself those questions (and more) when I was thinking about it, and for a while it felt like it was all me. But then, this morning, I was reading something and it was along the lines of “you don’t need negative people in your life, you don’t need any vampires sucking away you energy”. That was it.

For a while now I’ve been cutting toxic people from my life and getting away from drama and bs, but energy vampires? I kinda never really thought about it until now. What’s an energy vampire? Well, they’re the people who drain your energy, they only “take” from you. They can be friends, maybe your family or even your significant other, even some you just talk to at work. Here’s an old, but really cool post about it that I found.

Honestly, I have lots of those in my life, starting with my family, and since I’ve been spending a lot of time home it makes perfect sense that I’m feeling this way. Especially since when I go out for a while or I’m on my own I feel a little better.

So, what should I do?

Well, for starters I’m analysing every relationship I have and how it works, how it makes me feel? at the end of the day does it make me feel like I enjoyed myself or incredibly tired? Then I’m spending time on my own and with the people I know that make me feel better and happy, that inspire me and motivate me. Yes, sometimes it’s hard because maybe people we love can be stealing your energy. What I’m doing in those cases – like with my family- is being in control of the situation and trying to spend more time doing other stuff than engaging on situations that take my energy away and make me feel down.

Maybe, some would call it selfish but I don’t think it is. It’s something we all should do in order to become the better versions of ourselves. It’s a process, so it won’t happen overnight, and we also meet new people every now and then so we should be aware of how a relationship is affecting us.

What do you think of energy vampires? How do you handle this?



Free Desktop Wallpaper

I’ve been thinking on what to design and give to you guys for free. I’m still working on the planner for the next half of the year, so that was not an option. But the other day I was going thru one of my favorite blogs (Design Love Fest) and they have a super cool section called “Dress Your Tech“, and being the sucker for wallpapers that I’m I thought I could make one for you.

So here it is, my first desktop wallpaper. It features one of my favorite phrases about travel and a pretty golden typography.



I hope you like it! As always, feedback is more than welcomed in the comment section and in any of my social media.

Have a great week!!






Empty Seats

About a year ago you broke my heart, but I didn’t realize it until it was too late.


I kept chasing after you like my life depended on it.
You never said you loved me, but you said you cared and at the time it was enough for me to stay. I didn’t know better, so I fell in love with someone who was afraid to feel and to love to point of no return. Sometimes I felt crazy but you always reassured me with what I needed to hear, I even began to think you really loved me but were too afraid to accept it.
You left early in the morning so we stayed up all night, talking and kissing. All your friends went to the soccer game but you chose me instead, and in that moment, I swear, I just wanted you to stay.
We cried all the way to the airport and when it was time for you to board your flight I felt my heart sink to the ground. Everyone was looking but we didn’t care, we hold on to each other while I hid my face on your shoulder.
We hugged and kissed, promised to see each other again. But deep down I knew that this was the last time, you didn’t let me go and that broke my heart even more. I knew you had to leave, that this wonderful adventure had to end so I let go of your hand. Everything felt like a movie. I walked away, not looking back cause I knew everything had come to an end.
I remember crying all the way back home, shaking from the cold and the pain. I couldn’t sleep for the first couple weeks and cried every time I walked by our favorite spots in town.
I still remember your smile, the way your lips tasted and the way you smelled after a shower. I wonder if you ever think about me, about what we used to be. I wonder if sometimes, at night, you wish I was by your side. Have you been with another girl? Was it all just a game? Did you ever loved me or did you really just “cared”?
And that’s when I realized you broke my heart the day you left.

Summer is upon us

Summer is upon us. This is my last summer as a college student so I plan to enjoy every second of it. At first I wanted to take some classes in order have less classes my last semester but the classes I wanted to take were not available for summer sessions, so I decided to do nothing. Soon I realized this was not an option, it´s been 2 weeks since I don’t have classes and I’m bored to death. *insert clip of Blink 182 song “Bored To Death” here*

Fast forward to last night, 2am, I couldn’t sleep and I thought: “Maybe I should be productive and put myself to work”. So that’s what I’m doing. I set 4 goals to achieve this summer and here they are:

  1. Workout more. I talked about this on my last post, I haven’t worked out in ages but working out is healthy and helps me relieve stress which means sleeping better, and who doesn’t like to sleep? So I´ll be working out everyday, little workouts or full workouts, depending on my mood and I´ll let you know how that goes.
  2. Form a habit. Since I’m an incredibly messy and distracted person, I thought becoming more organized would be something good. I´m talking having an organized bedroom and closet, actually doing things I said, getting to appointments in time…all of that. Starting with a decluttering process of all things I own. I think this will be the hardest one to achieve, so wish me luck.
  3. Write more. I love writing, but I’m incredibly lazy. This is why, I´ll be writing (and posting it here, of course), 2-3 times a week about random stuff.
  4. Design more. Graphic design is one of the things I´ve always liked doing so I’m going to be doing more of it during the summer, learning new tools and just getting hands on. I´m already working on a new planner (!!) and have so many ideas of things I want to share with you like printables, quotes, etc. So let me know if you want something in specific!

Four goals. Two and half months of summer. Let’s see how it goes.

Do you have plans for the summer? Let me know!!

I want to get get to know all of you so don´t hesitate in leaving a comment reaching out on any of my social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat! My username in all of them is itsmary_e. And you can find me on Tumblr here.




Movie Night

It´s always a good time when you get to hangout with your best friends. Add some short films and free beer, and you get a great saturday night.

That’s exactly what happened last weekend, when we went to a farewell party / short film screening for some friends that get to go to Cannes this year. How awesome is that!?

You can learn a little bit more of the short films here…

All of these short films were made by incredibly talented young people from México, and they’re really good so you should definitely keep an eye open for this up and coming talent.

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I unintentionally did something crazy

I unintentionally did something crazy. I´ve never been a person who follows the rules or does things as society tells us to, sometimes I do things against them consciously but most of the times I do them without even noticing. I´m going to tell you a story that has to do with the later.

Since I can remember I´ve struggled with self acceptance. Being the way I look the most challenging part, it took me a couple of years and a few visits to the therapist to actually start learning to love my body.

An issue that I constantly had was working out. Everyone in my family is very active and athletic, except for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good sweating session but I rather not do it. Growing up I always felt the pressure of doing some sort of sport, even though that´s not my thing, at all!! And then the whole being healthy and fit became a huge trend on social media … Working out became almost an obsession, because I thought that that was the answer for me to get a “good body”. News flash: It wasn´t.

There are so many factors that affect the way you look, more than just hitting the gym to workout. Working out does help you to be healthy and fit, but you also need to have a good diet, being mentally healthy and loving yourself.

So I guess I unconsciously decided to stop working out. Besides from walking, taking the stairs or going to the gym a couple of times this year I haven’t really worked out. It’s not ideal but it did helped me to understand a couple of things about my body and forced me to accept the way I look.

It all started because I don’t have time, I was in school or working, then I did a semester abroad and when I came back my life was pretty chaotic. This year woulda been the perfect time to start a routine again but I couldn’t find the motivation, I knew that doing it for the sake of getting a “beachbody” was not enough so I just stopped. I stopped because I wanted to workout cause it was healthy, because I enjoyed it. Not because everyone was doing it and I was supposed to do so.

During the past 6 months I have learned more than I thought. I have felt sexier and prettier, I have learned to love my flaws and I know which are my assets, which parts of my body need more attention and which ones don´t. I know when and why my muscles hurt, why me knees crack in the morning and that taking the stairs it’s harder than what it looks. I now understand that looks come from within, that confidence and personality are reflected in the way we walk and our style, and that my body is my house and temple so I need to take care of it.

We often say all of these things but don´t understand them, we often say things but not think about them, we often do things without realizing why… I want to be aware and awake, do the things because I feel and I know they are going to be good for me.

So I guess that I need to start working out again. Because I enjoy it, because I miss boxing, because I want to be strong, because I’m more comfortable in my skin and want my body to look even better than it does now and be able to do all sorts of amazing things.

I hope my rambling made sense.





I kissed someone else’s lips
It felt like I was cheating on you.
There were no sparks,
No love,
No feelings but lust.
I cried all the way home
Feeling lost and confused
Wishing it was you I kissed.

Music for you ears

It’s been a while since I´ve shared some music with you guys, so I thought I could share a new playlist I made for this warmer months. Hope you like it!

Let me know what do you think. Do you have any good music recommendations for me? I wanna know!

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Have an incredible day!!