New Year, New Plans – 2017 Planner

Hello everyone! Is it too late to say happy 2017?

Anyway, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been working on a new project for this year. Actually lots of new projects, but here’s the first one!

Are you ready?

2017 Personalized Planner!!

How is it going to work? I have a template that is customizable and that you can adjust to your needs. Here are the previews of how the planner looks like…


Front page for your information, a nice first page and a year at a glance page…


preview1Colorful monthly covers!

Different sections like: notes, vacation and financial planner, important dates and goal section…


4 Different styles of organization you can choose from:

1. Daily organization with hours

2. A lot of space to write

3. Week + notes

4. Week in one page

So how can you get one? Well pretty easy just contact me here Write “2017 Planner” in the subject and tell me your name, age, where are you from and what type of organization style you want, if you want the cover that it’s here or another one and what sections do you want to include. The 12-month planner is 20 USD and the   6-month one is 10 USD.

Just go to my online store!

You can also ask for a printable version!

So what do you think? Let me know if you have questions.



Summer Roadtrip: Sierra Gorda & Huasteca Potosina, Part 2

Day 2. It was hot as hell and super humid, but that didn’t stop us from exploring our next stop: Landa de Matamoros.

We had an early wake up call, then grabbed breakfast and hopped on the van that took us to the little town of Landa de Matamoros. The highlight was visiting a Franciscan Mission. There are 5 missions in the Sierra Gorda and each of them is unique, the architecture mixes catholic symbols with the old indigenous culture. There are tour dedicated to visiting them and the history behind them is also very interesting and worth of admiration.


We then headed to Las Adjuntas, this was also not in our tour, but David knew we wanted to swim so he took us to the river, to his favorite spot, and we cooled down in the cold river water. It was such a cool and fun experience.

We then headed to Jalpan de Serra and visited the town center and another of the Franciscan missions. We were hungry so we grabbed some amazing food and drank some local pulque, and hit the road again. This time our destiny was the community of San Juan de los Durán.

This community is literally in the middle of the mountains, they have some cabañas where you can stay. I was sceptical at first, but the place was so beautiful and peaceful. There´s no electricity, no phone service, no internet… just the nature surrounding you and it was just what we needed.

We walked and explored the surroundings, we took a shower with candle light and then had some hot chocolate with our homemade dinner. Before going to bed we just stared at the sky. The stars were so bright, we could even see the milky way!! That’s how in the middle of nowhere we were.

Sadly I don’t have a lot of photos of this day because my phone had died and like I said we didn’t have any electricity until the next day. 😦

Day 3. Again waking up before dawn, having super early breakfast and heading to El Sotano de las Golondrinas. Guys, this is such a cool show that nature puts on for us! Cave of Swallows (in english) is an open air pit cave in Aquismón, San Luis Potosí, and  it’s the largest known cave shaft in the world. The cave gets its name from the green parakeets and white-collared swifts that live along its walls. Each day, at dawn and at sunset, the birds fly in concentric circles up the cave shaft before the flocks come spilling out of the of the hole into the jungle.


The early morning was worth it.


We got our second breakfast of the day and went to our final destination: Xilitla.


Xilitla is known for Edward James Surrealist Garden. That place is crazy and pretty and weird way. It’s a mix of a rain forest, rivers and waterfalls and weird and unique structures.


We swam a little bit, explored as much as we could without melting and then went back to Pinal de Amoles where we had our last meal and then caught a bus back to Queretaro.

Summer memories with my girls. ☀️✨ // #vscocam #travel #mexico #nature #summer #roadtrip #xilitla #wanderlust #girlsvsglobe #tb

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It was the perfect ending for a perfect roadtrip.

What has been your favorite roadtrip?


Summer Roadtrip: Sierra Gorda & Huasteca Potosina, Part 1

The final part of my summer roadtrip (and my favorite) is finally here! It´s going to be really long so please bare with me.

We wanted to do something different and new, go somewhere that most people don´t get to see and enjoy a little bit of nature. So we decided to visit the Sierra Gorda and Huasteca Potosina. Here’s a little map so you understand where in Mexico we went.

Resultado de imagen para sierra gorda queretaro mapa

We had about a week to visit and wanted to see the best of the region, it was the first time we were visiting so we decided to book a tour with Sierra Gorda Ecotours. It was the best choice! We had great accommodation, amazing food, we got to see the local way of life, and the nature was beyond perfect.

Our tour guide, David, was so nice and flexible with times and places we wanted to visit. We were 3 girls and he was so respectful and polite. I highly recommend booking with that company.


Tour we booked: Lo Mejor de la Sierra Gorda

We took a bus from Queretaro to Pinal de Amoles. The road is long and if you hate curves I advise you to take some pills with you cause the road will take you through the mountains, higher and higher. But holy shit, you guys what a view!!! It’s all worth it. At some point we got to see an eagle flying just beside our window, it was incredible.

In Pinal de Amoles, our guide picked us up and drove us to our first stop: Mirador Cuatro Palos. We hiked for maybe 30 minutes, walking through the forest, until we arrived to one of my favorite views on earth.


After that we were a little (very) hungry so we went to a local restaurant with homemade food…best. food. ever. I’m not lying.
The best part? It’s all included in the tour so we didn’t have to worry about anything else besides enjoying.


After that we went to Puente de Dios. This was not on the itinerary but we begged David to take us and he agreed.

You better get some sneakers you can get wet for this place. I didn’t bring any shoes so I wore flipflops, DO NOT BE LIKE ME!


We literally walked through the river until we arrived to a formation of rocks that forms a bridge. Incredible and adventurous experience. You can get in the river and swim so maybe bring a swimsuit and be careful with your bags! There are waterfalls, manatials, and strong currents every now and then.


We then visited El Chuveje, a beautiful waterfall surrounded by a forest. You can also swim here and the water is so clean!

We then got some dinner and headed to the ecological cabañas where we spent the night. The cabañas are really clean and nice, super comfortable beds to get a much needed rest.

To be continued…






Summer Roadtrip: Zacatecas

After spending some time in Guanajuato we chilled for a few days in León before hopping on a bus to Zacatecas. It was a cold and long bus ride but it was worth it.


Zacatecas is the capital of the state of Zacatecas, located in north-central Mexico. It’s famous for the beautiful architecture and mines.

Zacatecas is an old city that became really important during the 16th century in Nueva España because it provided the Spanish crown with a significant amount of silver. The area has seeing some historical battles, the most famous one is the Battle of Zacatecas during the Mexican Revolution.

The colonial part of the city is a World Heritage Site, due to the Baroque and other structures built during its mining days. Mining still is an important industry for the city.


We arrived really early in the morning and headed to the place of our lovely Couchsurfing host: Lore. She was amazing recommending all kinds of places to eat and visit.

After leaving our stuff at the house we headed to the city center and had a delicious mexican breakfast. With a full stomach we started exploring the city and booked a tour for the afternoon to see the main city attractions. (Please do not do that!! We made a huge mistake! The tour was not expensive but it was boring and very slow, the tour guide was annoying and kept repeating the same facts all the time. You can do the same tour on your own in half of the time and just paying for the entrance to the attractions.)


Our first stop was the Cathedral and let me tell you it was a great way to start the day. The baroque details in the facade are something worth admiring. They contrast with the inside, the cathedral’s altar is very modern but somehow everything matches perfectly.




We then headed to Museo Rafael Coronel. This is my favorite place in Zacatecas and every time I visit I like to go there.


It’s an old convent with beautiful architecture and gardens, while walking through its halls you can feel some kind of peace and magic, you can tell the place has so much history and secrets to tell.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset



This is an art museum and you can find art everywhere, even while walking in the gardens.

It’s famous for the exhibition of thousands of masques from all over the world. Some very cool, some very creepy.

The view from the second floor are pretty amazing too, so we naturally had to stop for some photos.



Even though we made that bad decision booking the tour we had fun and decided to enjoy our time in Zacatecas.

We visited the Edén mine and got to see how they extracted silver in the old days.



We took the funicular to the Cerro de la Bufa and enjoyed awesome views from the city.


It rained while we were in the Cerro de la Bufa but we got to witness a nice rainbow before making our way back to the city center.


After the tour we had the most amazing, delicious and perfect enchiladas I have ever tried. They’re kinda of a local place so not a lot of people know about them, it’s a very small place and the it has no name but if you want to enjoy some delicious local food in the form of enchiladas let me know and I’ll tell you where they are located.

We went out that night and had some beers with Lore, our host, and one of her friends. Then we went to bed ready for the next day.

The next morning we didn’t have a lot of time before taking our bus but we still got to see the old city aqueduct, an old bull ring that’s now a hotel and a rare representation of neo gothic architecture in the city: the Church of Our Lady of Fátima.




Zacatecas is a beautiful city often overlooked by travelers but it’s worth stopping by for a few days. If you want to know the real Mexico, this is a must.

Have you been to Zacatecas? Did you like it?


Summer Roadtrip: Guanajuato

While we were in León we decided to make a day trip to one of my favorite cities in México: Guanajuato! I never get tired of this beautiful city, its architecture, the cultural and historic legacy everywhere you go and amazing food.


First we walked around town and went to the University, a must when you visit the city.


We later visited the Teatro Juárez, it’s the main theatre in the city and an emblematic architecture building. If you have the chance to in you have to do it, and don’t miss the opportunity to go with a guide that will explain the history behind every little detail of decoration and construction of the theater, you just have to tip him at the end.





We then met a group of friends and spent some time hanging out with them.

We decided that it was time to eat so we headed to the best place to eat… the market! The outside of the market is beautiful but once inside you find colorful stands with fruit, vegetables, and all kinds of prepared mexican food like tacos, tostadas, guisados, etc.


After eating we took a walk to the Pipila lookout. I recommend to take the cable car to the top unless you are in great shape and don’t mind a steep climb. Let me tell you that halfway there I had to stop and recover for a couple of minutes. No matter what way you choose the view is definitely worthy and great to see the entire city and its colorful buildings.


After that we just walked more around the city and went to a “Callejoneada”, during which local musicians dress up in traditional 17th century costumes make their way through the cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways of Guanajuato while playing music, singing popular folk songs, telling stories and telling local legends. No photos of that since I had no battery left, but definitely a great way to end the day before making our way back to León.

Have you being to Guanajuato? What are the things you recommend visiting?



Summer Roadtrip: León

After San Miguel de Allende we went to León and called it home for a couple a days, we went shoe shopping and visited the city center.


Even though León is more a modern city, famous for its leather goods, the city center is a beautiful and cultural place.


We took a couple of days to take things slow and enjoy the city, taking in the culture and food. Preparing for our next stop: Guanajuato!

Stay tuned for more photos of the road trip!

Have you ever been to León? I want to know!



Time Goes By Pretty Fast

Time goes by pretty fast
Maybe I didn’t realize until a while ago
Maybe I always knew it was not meant to last.
But time goes by so fast,
Sometimes in a glimpse of an eye
Sometimes a little more
But time is all that I have and what I lack.
Seconds, hours, days, months go on
You’re still on my mind every once in awhile.
With you, time was slower,
and somehow faster
Now you’re gone and the feeling is gone,
Like I’m numb.
But time heals everything
And time goes by pretty fast
So maybe I’ll forget you soon
Soon enough to have time again.
So here’s to time, so it goes on pretty fast.

Dreams Of A Past Life

The other day I dreamt about you
It was weird as f*ck
It left me thinking about you
And how you’ve been
I wanted to reach out
To talk to you for the old times sake
But then I realized you wouldn’t care
Honestly it kills me that we’re not friends
But we wanted different things
We couldn’t put out differences apart
So we chose to fight
You called me crazy
I called you a jerk
Which is what you are,
because you broke my heart
And even now, when I dream of you
Even when I think of the good times we had
There’s a voice in the back of my mind saying
“Don’t go back to what hurt you
Don’t go back to the one who broke you
You’ve come a long way
To let him win again would be a waste”
So I didn’t reach out
I didn’t text you
I didn’t call
You’re in the past
And my future is next
I hope you’re good
I hope you’re doing fine
And that this dream I had
Was just a reminder to never go back

15 New Songs You Need To Hear


I love me some new music, especially if the songs are good. I’m the kind of person who will listen a song on repeat until I get tired of it.

So here I give you 15 new songs that you need to hear because they’re so good…
(I added an extra song just because)

What do you think of this songs? Do you like them? Let me know if there are any new songs I need to hear!!

Happy weekend 🙂


Summer Roadtrip: San Miguel de Allende

The past month was a little hectic, I did a little roadtrip through central México with two of my friends. We had such an amazing time! We visited so many beautiful places, ate delicious food and spent some quality time together.

One of my friends lives in Mexico City, so I don’t see her very often; and my other friend is from the Netherlands so it was really nice to see her again. The three of us met while studying abroad in Prague last year and we got to travel together during the summer, so it was nice to repeat it this year in Mexico.

Ana and Anne, (yes I know, I know) started the trip in Mexico City without me because I was busy that first week. Then we met in Queretaro for a few hours to have lunch and start our trip together.


We spent our first day in San Miguel walking around the city center.


At night we went to one of my favorite spots in town, Clandestino Hotel. It has the prettiest rooftop bar and it’s not as expensive as other bars in San Miguel. This hotel is seriously so pretty, I highly recommend staying there and/or going for drinks.


The second day was a busy one. We went to a hotel inauguration and then to a little vineyard, picked some grapes and the did some grape stomping. We partied all day and by the time we went back to bed we were exhausted but happy.


The next day we went for breakfast and walked some more around town, then in the afternoon we took a bus and arrived to León.

To be continued…

Have you been in San Miguel? What are your favorite spots there?